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Lately a lot of things have been happening to meled me to think about the strength of teams. Ispired by a book by Patrick Lencioni, a conversation with Cristian Matei,  and most of all by my experience of and the ongoing conversation with my team in CROS, I decided to write about were I feel we are right now.

Over the last years I’we been a part of a few teams. Never before now have I ever felt so strongly that the team I’m part of is at a peak of performance - not the peak, but still a true peak. The kind of state in wich everything seems perfect, when you really have to stretch your imagination in order to see the next meaningfull developmental leap. If you continue reading, you will not find out about how we got here (it’s too much of a story for me to write alone) but how I realised that we are “then”, at one of those trully great times when a team delivers on it’s conceptual promise. It’s when a Team is at a Time of P…


A top team’s mission is percieved as if it could not be more urgent and more important. For us it’s education and amongst us, we have all the arguments for it. And we love the conversation and are eager to bring our vizion into reality. We may fear the magnitude of it, but just not enough to stop us from acting, rather just enough to be thankfull we are in it together. We fuel eachother’s courage and there’s also enough of us to make sure that what we strive for is a meaningful purpouse and not madness.


The true test and also the best environment for a top team is the lack of resources. If you cand have good results and stay toghether when times are tough, everything is going to be amazing when times are easy. And right now, people all around me are sayng times are tough. For us things are moving along quite nice and we are learning to make better decisions and be more resourceful every day, without letting the lack of resources beat us down. I think we are also deveoping a skill I call “soft resilience”.


It’s when things get done without you having to worry about them, when you are eager to do your job and when basicly everything you have been dreaming and planning falls into place. When things get done, checked off the list with eagerness to celebrate and move on and you get more positive feedback than you hoped for.


It’s amazing how you can feel both delight and “disgust” (for lack of a better word) at any given time about the same people and the same situation - I never trully know if while working I’d like for us to be hanging out more or if while hanging out we should just be working more. Either way, it’s a pleasure being there and doing stuff together. You can find proof of this in a smile in the corner of my eyes during both fun and work.


Every team’s life is like a dance. A group dance, where coreography only becomes relevant if we all share the same rythm and our steps just seem to flow together. Being at the same pace also means that we are all connected at a deeper level, we are all singing the same tune in our heads. This even allows us to dance without music…


Peace is not the absence of conflict. On the contrary, the greatest teams seed and carefuly harveste the sesds of creative contradiction. A team at peace is simply when it’s members share the “strong trust” necesary in the face of adversity. It’s when you know that any conflict between us and within each one of us will lead to a positive breakthrough.


I’ve talked about shared trust and the confidence that gives you and also about purpouse. But when you are at the time of praise, it’s more than that. It just dawns on you one day, that you are proud to be a part of your team and your mission. And finding the power and the words to give true praise to others is not just a concept of HR to be applied, it becomes something natural, something both you and them deserve. I often find myself “bragging” to others about the people I work with, because in my head, I’d rather work with no-one else.

This is my  “thank you” to  Andra, Alina, Aliana, Alina, Andrei, Billy, Carmen, Cris, Carmen, Diana, Elena, Gabi, Iulian, Marina, Marius, Paul, Silvia, Traian, Vio  and a cellebration of us all, three years into it… and here’s a song for it:

For everyone else, I trully hope you guys have found, are finding or will find yourselvs in such times of “P’” ;)

I also wonder… are there any other “P’s” out there? What are we going to find out about ourselves next?

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11 2010

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  1. Elena #


    I’d list passion amongst those attributes that drive a team towards a common purpose. Being passionate about what we do makes it easier to clarify a purpose, work under different kinds of pressure, perform with great pleasure, find a common pace, with a constructive and peaceful attitude, that allows us to truly praise each other, given the situation.

  2. .. #

    I don’t want to be mean, but I suggest you to use the “Auto correct” function of Word

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